Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Open Mic Atlanta

You'll be glad to know I found another resource so you can perform your music, network with fans and music business professionals alike. The site is appropriately called Open Mic Atlanta and features a number of performance opportunities for both local and traveling bands. Open Mic Atlanta looks like it caters more toward Rock, Pop, Country and Alternative Music.

There's a section on the site called Spotlight, where artist and bands can showcase their music. Atlanta Open Mic has a number of other music business related links to help your career along. As an amateur artist or professional band, remember to always play with a purpose. Have specific goals you want to accomplish, be it to gather email addresses or sell merchandise like t-shirts and hats, etc.

Promote every venue you play like it is your first and your last. Build a buzz, by inviting local media to your performance long before you schedule a show date. These things will help you maximize your Atlanta Music Showcase and Open Mic Experience.

Always verify venues, dates, times and locations to ensure any event mentioned on the Internet is still being held. This save you a lot of grief, maintain an certain level of professionalism and make you more efficient. For another list of recurring Atlanta Music Showcases and Open Mics click here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Music Showcase Opportunities

Last night I attended a music showcase and music business networking event in Atlanta, Georgia. A few artist complained there were not enough people (fans) in the building. I was quick to remind them while the performances were scheduled to start at 8PM the majority of the artist arrived closer to 9:30PM. This showed a lack of professionalism and demonstrated many of the artist didn’t take performing at a music showcase serious.

I also pointed out that while there could have been more people (fans) at the music showcase, there were not, but all was not lose. If one thought more positive, applied a bit more optimism, strengthen their faith and looked for opportunities they may have seen what I saw a lot sooner. What I saw and heard was found independent music and entertainment magazines present at the Atlanta Music Showcase.

The magazines included S.I.R. (Southeast Independent Report) Magazine, Street Masters, Makin’ It Magazine and Bout 2 Blow, in addition, to the featured speaker who said he has an Internet Radio Station that received about 65,000 unique visitors per day, two marketing reps from a major record company and myfve.com a new social networking site to help you promote your music business, acting, singing or modeling career.

This should have been an indie artist heaven. I mean here it was the artist had a chance to direct network and market with the media. This would have positioned them to get greater exposure than one night’s performance at a music showcase. After my seven minute spill explaining this to the unhappy aritsts, only about two seemed remotely interested in the opportunities I’d just shared with them.

Word to the wise don’t follow the crowd. Use your own mind. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities at music showcases, music conferences and learn how to make money online as I have, so you can create residual/passive income for the rest of your life.

For a list of Atlanta Music Showcases Click Here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Atlanta Music Is Hot

The Atlanta Music Industry is still hot as all get out. This means more music business connections, more music business networking and more music showcases, open mics, talent shows and industry parties. In June we have On Stage Live Revnue by Bar Red Entertainment, Almost Famous Showcase with Rovella, the Get Seen Get Signed Music Conference with Streettalk Newspaper, the SUMC-LOD Music Conference and so much more.

For details on recurring Atlanta Music Showcases, Open Mics, Talent Shows and how you can get your artist to perform CLICK HERE.

Remember to tell the folks you heard about their event from JaWar, Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series, moneygoldmine.blogspot.com and makemoneyselfpublishing.com

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Truth about Talent Shows & Open Mics

The truth about talent shows and open-mics is most artists and the local music community don’t benefit from them. The reason is a bit more complex than the music business being plagued by industry sharks taking advantage of the unknowing. The truth is talent shows and open-mics often don’t benefit the artists and the local music community because by default they are not designed to.

My goal throughout this section is to give details that will empower everyone involved in the talent showcase and open-mic experience with information that will allow these events to begin to benefit the artist and the local music community. In addition, my goal is to have artists, producers, managers, talent showcase organizers and other music business professional’s upgrade their thinking and revise how they work together during a showcase or open mic so that the live performance opportunity is beneficial for them and fans alike.

In this section I intend on accomplishing a few goals. First, you should begin to rethink the talent showcase and open-mic experience. Second, through the Q&A below I hope to share how the events may be a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone involved including music fans, performing artists, the local music community, club owners and the talent show organizers. Third, I give specific details on how precision planning and execution will help everyone involved benefit from the talent showcase and open mic experience.

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