Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Athens-Almost Famous Music Showcase

It was cold and windy. Very few people were present, it looked as though there would be no music showcase tonight. Two vinyl banners were hung on stage. The DJ took to his equipment and started playing old school hip hop, r&b and pop tunes. The few people who were in the club seemed to paste back and forth accepting and making phone calls on their cell phones -everyone wants to look busy.

Slowly the crowd begins to thicken. 4-Ize, DJ Scorpio and others begin to enter. Elle -female recording artist from Birmingham, AL enters the club. Seemingly out of thin air the club gets really really thick waiting for the Almost Famous Music Showcase to begin. B-rich and B.O.B. are second to perform and hit the stage with rage giving the audience a stellar performance. The crowd is amped and wants more.

With two djs and three mics on stage you hear... "I started rapping as a way to communicate with my mother. While in high school I started my first record company called Boot Camp Records as a way to protect my copyright and publishing interest as a recording artist..." I graced the stage with confidence, poise, wisdom, strength and beauty. The audience was told that fame don't equal fortune. To obtain a certain level of success in the music industry you must think, plan and execute, you must get your business tight. Recording artists and garage bands were told to learn about copyrights, music publishing, trademarks and more by reading the Music Industry Connection Book Series.

I suggested that most artist will not succeed in the music business not because they don't have good music, but because they don't have the integrity to keep on keeping on, they are not willing to go the extra mile and truly build their brand. In fact, it was suggested that most artist go back to school and become an entertainment attorney, accountant, doctor or engineer, etc.

Rovella Williams -Founder, Almost Famous Music Showcase provides a platform for aspiring artists and rising personalities. To make the most from Almost Famous and any music showcase or talent show download the Truth Book.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

How do Talent Shows Make Money?

More often than not recording artists and garage bands pay some fee to perform in a music showcase, open mic, talent show or music conference. Seasoned, creative and business minded talent show organizers make money in a number of ways. They also realize that charging a nominal fee allows them the chance to get more people involved on a regular basis. When you get more people participating you have more people talking about your music showcase, talent show, open mic or music conference. The more people talking the better.

Other ways talent shows make money outside of charging recording artist and garage bands to perform is by...
  1. Charging a general admission to enter the talent show
  2. Selling vendor/booth space
  3. Getting paid sponsorships
  4. Selling merchandise that brands the talent show/music showcase/music conference
Remember in most instances in order for talent shows to make money they must start off by making a lot of micro-money. A lot of micro-money is getting small amounts of money from a lot of different sources. This strategy is used to get many people involved a talking about your event. Getting a lot of micro-money positions other people to benefit while having little upfront risk on their part -it's a win/win or mutually beneficial.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

A&R Music Industry Connections

For those of you who still think the only way to make it as a recording artist or garage band is by through an A&R, you'll want to participate in the A&R Music1 Hookup. Stephen Strother, Founder & CEO has been operating A&R Music1 for over 10 years. His music conferences started like traditional conferences in person. However, Stephen has always been ahead of the curve and several years ago he started holding online music conferences where attendees could interact directly with major label A&R.

By following the details in the Music Industry Connection Book Series, performing at music showcases and attending music conferences like A&R Music1 recording artists and garage bands should be on course to achieving their goals and realizing their potential.

A&R Live Hookup - Guarantee Your Music Heard And Live Feedback By Record Company A&R, by Phone and Web!
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The A&R LIVE HOOKUP is an exclusive weekly demo review conference call with top music industry executives and attendees from around the world, held by phone and web! Just think of the A&R Live Hookup as a three-way call with some of your friends and a top industry executive on the line to review your music on our website playlist for deal consideration and live feedback on the spot! We guarantee t or your money back!

There's no travel and all you need is a phone to attend.


Each A&R Live Hookup includes one industry guest (typically a major label A&R Director or A&R Manager), moderator-music consultant and 8-12 attendees logged into our website playlist from around the world. The format of the session includes an attendee and industry executive get-to-know-you session, question and answer, and record company A&R demo review and live feedback session.

During A&R Live Hookup demo review session our industry guest will listen to your music through our website playlist and give you live feedback on the spot by phone. If the industry guest likes your music they will request it from you personally and instruct us to provide you with their direct contact info to work your situation to the next level. Now the ‘next level’ is up to your follow-up, hustle, execution, and of course your music. That’s it! The A&R Live Hookup gives you direct access to some of the most sort-after executives in the music industry, all from the privacy of your phone!


1 - Welcome
3 - Attendee Introductions and Interview of industry Guest
4 - Q&A (Host/You/Attendees)
5 - Listening session and feedback
6 - Final comments


To attend the A&R Live Hookup is easy:

1. Select a record company A&R from our A&R Hookup schedule that you would like to review your music and register.

2. We’ll send you welcome email with your dial-in number, pin code to call into the A&R Hookup, along with a Music Submission Number to upload your music to our website. (Note: You may also mail-in a CD).

3. On the scheduled day and time of you’re A&R Live Hookup, call in an speak directly with our music industry guest, learn the biz and have your music heard for deal consideration and live feedback on the spot!

A&R Live Hookup - Guarantee Your Music Heard And Live Feedback By Record Company A&R, by Phone and Web!
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Money at Music Showcases & Open Mics

I've written on this before and with the increase in traffic to the Atlanta Music Showcase & Open Mic Website it's time to revisit the discussion of "how to AND are you making money at music showcases, talent shows and open mics in Atlanta and beyond."
  • Record/CD sells continue to decline, yet digital downloads increase.
  • Indie Rock/Alternative garage bands & recording artist still sell while on the road.
  • Hip Hop/R&B recording artist still perform in front of other artist at music showcases.
  • Newbies to the music business are still seeking a major record label deal.
  • Indie labels still spend a lot of money for artist to perform at music conferences.
According to Disc Makers, Feb. 2008 Catalog "You can make a lot more money selling Merch [merchandise] at your gigs [music showcases, talent shows & open mics] than you can selling your music [CDs]."

The bottom line is this friend in order to make money something has to be sold. Typically, artist will not buy music from other artist. So, as an artist your first goal is to perform in front of music fans. If you don't bring the fans they will not come. Your job as a professional is not only the music, but getting people to your show or gig. Having good music helps, but you still need to market and promote each and every show.

Many fans get music for free and often don't value music like they use to -love it or hate it, it is what it is. With that being the said you'll want something to sell at all your live performances. Merchandise is a good call, because most your fans wear clothes, at least they should. For some of you very lucky artist you'll have some real attractive fans taking off their clothes, please invite me when that happens I may be reached at 678-887-****.

Seriously, friend start selling merchandise: t-shirts, hats, tank tops and whatever else you think will work. Attempt to make a 100% profit and keep it moving. If it cost you $5 per shirt then sell the shirt for $10, if it cost you $10 then sell the shirt for $20. You can always add your CD as a bonus, if you're still selling CDs. However, you'll want to focus your time and energy on monetizing your web presence. The moral of this blog is to sell something other than music whenever you perform at a music showcase or music conference.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Atlanta Music Showcases 2008

Are you ready for a New Year and New Season of possibilities? Are you ready to learn to earn to use music showcases and open mics to boost your music business and advance your music career? Do you know what to do before, during and after attending a music showcase, live performance or open mic to maximize your chances for long-term success? The Truth about Record Pools and Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Book can help you fully benefit from your music showcase, live performance and open mic experience.

Most recording artist and garage bands reading this are independent and will remain that way. With that being said, as a performer you should work on building your brand and fan base. You should have something to sell -without something to sell how will you make money? More than likely your music is only the carrot to get people to your performance. Work on selling merchandise -independent Alternative and Rock Bands do this very well. R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel Artist would be wise to study how Alternative and Rock Bands make a living selling merchandise on the road.

Turn your music showcase and open mic performance into a total event, giving fans an experience they will never forget. After your set they will support you because they want to remember the event and cherish the experience. Ahhhhhh, I still remember seeing the Jackson 5, LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick, X Clan, Ice Cube, Freestyle Fellowship, Sade, 2Pac and many others perform over the years. It was the event; the experience that the performers create that made those moments special. As a professional performing artist you must provide that type of event, so your fans remember you and your music. This is what it's all about.

If you attend a music conference this year and you should. Do yourself a favor; attend as many of the music business panels, workshops and seminars as possible. What you learn and who you meet during the music conference panels may be just what you need to boost your music business and push you to the next level.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tila Tequila: Grinds for Fortune Video

I posting this Youtube Music Business Video of Tila Tequila, so that recording artists and garage bands can hear what it takes to rise to the creme of the crop. Tila Tequila speaks on how she spends about 24 hours a day on Myspace promoting her brand, which has lead her to become the single most popular woman on Myspace.

Keep in mind what she says about her work ethic. She created her own brand, by doing what others were not willing to do. She mentions that it's hard to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, because of her dedication to hustling online.

If you're ready to boost your music career be prepared to have a practical plan and put in the time. If you need help on learning music business terminology, getting contacts and resources download the Music Industry Connection Book Series.

While you're building your brand remember that now is the time to make money online. Do you want fortune or fame?

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