Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Music Showcase Are You Protected.

There's currently legislation that if passed could have an adverse affect for anyone who creates intellectual property -songs, lyrics, books, music, paintings, photographs, etc. The entire arts, entertainment and music community is being made aware of the Orphan Works Legislation.

According to Tess Taylor -Big Changes To The Copyright Act That Will Affect YOU!

Congress is quietly passing a significant change to the Copyright Act that will radically restructure copyright law and legalize the infringement of artists' rights.

Driven by commercial interests, the Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act (named for the late AOL lobbyist) creates a safe harbor that will allow the use of songs, sound recordings, illustrations, music videos or any other copyright in any manner by anyone (whom the Shawn Bentley Act defines as an infringer) who is unable to find the copyright owner after a "reasonably diligent" search "in good faith." No requirements exist for a "reasonably diligent search" in the Act.

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For more in depth information on the the industry visit the music business blog and download the Music Industry Connection Book Series. The Atlanta Music Showcase list is somewhere on the site, but I wanted to ensure that you have some real information that could directly impact your career as a recording artist who creates original music. Now that's Industry Pimping.
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