Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why are You Performing at Music Showcases?

Why are you performing at music showcases and open mics? Seems like a stupid question, but all to often I see a bunch of recording artists, rappers and bands performing at music showcases in front of a bunch of other recording artists, rappers and bands. Even worse is when these acts pay hundreds ($100s) even thousands ($1,000s) of dollars to perform for 3 to 5 minutes at a big record pool meeting or music conference, but will not invest a dime in effective marketing and promotions online or off.

Performing at a music showcase or open mic is great if you're doing it with a purpose and calculated intent. ONE -you should do it for the love, yes for the love of performing. TWO -you should do it to build your fan base. To build a fan base you must market and promote yourself. If you're not sure how to do this download either the Atlanta Music Industry Connection or Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebooks. THREE -you should perform at music showcases and open mics to network with your peers and other music business professionals.

Peforming at a music showcase in an effort to get signed to a major record label is a waste of time and a shot in the dark at best.

According to Tim Clark, music manager to Robbie Willams says ''I would be very wary about signing... to any major at the moment." "Mr Clark said the internet offered opportunities for artists to reach their fans direct without the need for major labels." "...we have a fantastic opportunity of getting to a fanbase direct. What we really don't want is the dead hand of multinationals throttling these brilliant opportunities, he said."

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Why are you performing at Atlanta Music Showcases & Open Mics?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Atlanta R&B Music Showcase

Most of the Atlanta Music Showcases are primarily attended by hip hop/rap and rock/alternative recording artists and garage bands. Music fans however are seeking something different. They want to hear singers who have music about love, passion, hurt, pain, gain and social issues.

Music fans have told me they would go to more Atlanta Music Showcases if there was more R&B being showcases. Ray Hamilton must have heard there cries as his new restaurant and event location -Over Da Edge sponsors a weekly R&B Music Showcase. Over Da Edge is located at 483 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, GA, 30303. For live performance opportunity call 404-880-9902.

Ray Hamilton is the CEO of L.O.D. (Legion of Doom) DJs and can help ready preparedness recording artist (polished talent with budget) get additional exposure. Tell Ray, JaWar -author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series sent you.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Are Music Showcases Paying You to Retire?

This article has little to do with you performing or networking at an Atlanta Music Showcase or Open Mic. Because, many aspiring recording artist and garage bands read this blog I thought it equally important to share a article about real people retiring young and living a life of freedom, good health and prosperity. The questions to ask yourself is Can You Afford Extreme Early Retirement? Read the article Can You Afford Extreme Early Retirement.

Most recording artist and garage bands will never sell enough music to pay for a lavish lifestyle and comfortable retirement. Those that brand themselves and create other forms of revenue are in a great position to retire early and live the lifestyle they choose.

I encourage you to visit Make Money Online Goldmine, Get Music Money, Make Money Self-Publishing and Make Money on the Internet. You will also want to view the Music Business Videos Make Money Online and Fortune and Fame by JaWar. Through the links, websites and blogs you will find a wealth of information that may position you to live the life you choose while on stage and off.
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