Monday, June 18, 2007

Music Showcase Opportunities

Last night I attended a music showcase and music business networking event in Atlanta, Georgia. A few artist complained there were not enough people (fans) in the building. I was quick to remind them while the performances were scheduled to start at 8PM the majority of the artist arrived closer to 9:30PM. This showed a lack of professionalism and demonstrated many of the artist didn’t take performing at a music showcase serious.

I also pointed out that while there could have been more people (fans) at the music showcase, there were not, but all was not lose. If one thought more positive, applied a bit more optimism, strengthen their faith and looked for opportunities they may have seen what I saw a lot sooner. What I saw and heard was found independent music and entertainment magazines present at the Atlanta Music Showcase.

The magazines included S.I.R. (Southeast Independent Report) Magazine, Street Masters, Makin’ It Magazine and Bout 2 Blow, in addition, to the featured speaker who said he has an Internet Radio Station that received about 65,000 unique visitors per day, two marketing reps from a major record company and a new social networking site to help you promote your music business, acting, singing or modeling career.

This should have been an indie artist heaven. I mean here it was the artist had a chance to direct network and market with the media. This would have positioned them to get greater exposure than one night’s performance at a music showcase. After my seven minute spill explaining this to the unhappy aritsts, only about two seemed remotely interested in the opportunities I’d just shared with them.

Word to the wise don’t follow the crowd. Use your own mind. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities at music showcases, music conferences and learn how to make money online as I have, so you can create residual/passive income for the rest of your life.

For a list of Atlanta Music Showcases Click Here.

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