Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music Industry Connection Testimony

"Yo What Up [JaWar],

I got the book you hold in your hand [Atlanta Music Industry Connection] in the picture from you while we were at the Ozone Awards in Miami last year!

JaWar at TJsDJs Music Conference

Just like you said, when u get this from me by the time I talk to you again you should have something good to tell me.

Well brother I got good news from this end. Using some of the knowledge I got from your book [Atlanta Music Industry Connection] infused with some of my own knowledge, we kicked the Paid in Full Mix Show back off at the top of the year.

1 MONTH and 2500 Downloads later (YEAH!) we were picked up by WGFX Goodfellas Radio whom is getting hits in over 45 countries and is about to get picked up by XM Radio, that may be kicked off by this summer. I got to tell you [JaWar] I'm still kinda like WOW! I didn't expect this to take off like this. The response to it was like pouring gas on the ground and dropping a match!" Tha Sticman -

The details above are from Tha Sticman. Tha Sticman is a reader of the Music Industry Connection Book Series. You may download Music Business Books by clicking here.

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