Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Money at Music Showcases & Open Mics

I've written on this before and with the increase in traffic to the Atlanta Music Showcase & Open Mic Website it's time to revisit the discussion of "how to AND are you making money at music showcases, talent shows and open mics in Atlanta and beyond."
  • Record/CD sells continue to decline, yet digital downloads increase.
  • Indie Rock/Alternative garage bands & recording artist still sell while on the road.
  • Hip Hop/R&B recording artist still perform in front of other artist at music showcases.
  • Newbies to the music business are still seeking a major record label deal.
  • Indie labels still spend a lot of money for artist to perform at music conferences.
According to Disc Makers, Feb. 2008 Catalog "You can make a lot more money selling Merch [merchandise] at your gigs [music showcases, talent shows & open mics] than you can selling your music [CDs]."

The bottom line is this friend in order to make money something has to be sold. Typically, artist will not buy music from other artist. So, as an artist your first goal is to perform in front of music fans. If you don't bring the fans they will not come. Your job as a professional is not only the music, but getting people to your show or gig. Having good music helps, but you still need to market and promote each and every show.

Many fans get music for free and often don't value music like they use to -love it or hate it, it is what it is. With that being the said you'll want something to sell at all your live performances. Merchandise is a good call, because most your fans wear clothes, at least they should. For some of you very lucky artist you'll have some real attractive fans taking off their clothes, please invite me when that happens I may be reached at 678-887-****.

Seriously, friend start selling merchandise: t-shirts, hats, tank tops and whatever else you think will work. Attempt to make a 100% profit and keep it moving. If it cost you $5 per shirt then sell the shirt for $10, if it cost you $10 then sell the shirt for $20. You can always add your CD as a bonus, if you're still selling CDs. However, you'll want to focus your time and energy on monetizing your web presence. The moral of this blog is to sell something other than music whenever you perform at a music showcase or music conference.

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