Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Athens-Almost Famous Music Showcase

It was cold and windy. Very few people were present, it looked as though there would be no music showcase tonight. Two vinyl banners were hung on stage. The DJ took to his equipment and started playing old school hip hop, r&b and pop tunes. The few people who were in the club seemed to paste back and forth accepting and making phone calls on their cell phones -everyone wants to look busy.

Slowly the crowd begins to thicken. 4-Ize, DJ Scorpio and others begin to enter. Elle -female recording artist from Birmingham, AL enters the club. Seemingly out of thin air the club gets really really thick waiting for the Almost Famous Music Showcase to begin. B-rich and B.O.B. are second to perform and hit the stage with rage giving the audience a stellar performance. The crowd is amped and wants more.

With two djs and three mics on stage you hear... "I started rapping as a way to communicate with my mother. While in high school I started my first record company called Boot Camp Records as a way to protect my copyright and publishing interest as a recording artist..." I graced the stage with confidence, poise, wisdom, strength and beauty. The audience was told that fame don't equal fortune. To obtain a certain level of success in the music industry you must think, plan and execute, you must get your business tight. Recording artists and garage bands were told to learn about copyrights, music publishing, trademarks and more by reading the Music Industry Connection Book Series.

I suggested that most artist will not succeed in the music business not because they don't have good music, but because they don't have the integrity to keep on keeping on, they are not willing to go the extra mile and truly build their brand. In fact, it was suggested that most artist go back to school and become an entertainment attorney, accountant, doctor or engineer, etc.

Rovella Williams -Founder, Almost Famous Music Showcase provides a platform for aspiring artists and rising personalities. To make the most from Almost Famous and any music showcase or talent show download the Truth Book.

Atlanta Music Showcase, Music Industry Connection

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Themverses said...

That was a very good've mastered the art of seduction and engagement (It sounds right I hope I'm using the word properly here). I'm honored that you graced the stage in Athens and I look forward to hearing you speak next Tuesday at Almost Famous at The Mark Ultra Lounge.

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