Sunday, July 22, 2007

Perform with a Purpose

If more artist performed with a purpose they would benefit at music showcases, talent shows and open mics.

Performing with a purpose goes beyond trying to get a record deal. Performing with a purpose means you carefully plan before your performance. It means you take advantage of the opportunity to gather contact details from fans, such as email addresses and phone numbers. It means having product to sell, such as t-shirts, posters and other merchandise. Start performing with a purpose beyond trying to get a record deal and your will give your music business and career a boost.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Music Business Realities

Are you serious about the music business?
Are you trying to get a record deal?
Are you making money online?
Are you familiar with Mogul Tunes?
Have you been looking for the Music Industry Connection?
Does the music business take you serious?
Are you making money digitally?
Are you still making mix CDs?

This video clips touches on these related subjects including what panels and events most people are likely to attend when at a music conference.

Study the video; each time you watch it you learn something new.

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