Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Atlanta SESAC - Cappriccieo Scates

Cappriccieo Scates, Senior Director of Writer and Publisher Relations at SESAC has been a staple in the Atlanta Music Industry for several years. He started Tempo Tuesday, had an open door policy and was always welcoming songwriters and music producers to ask questions about the music business in general and the publishing industry in particular.

He was a great contributor to the Atlanta Music Scene and inadvertently made other music industry executives step their business up. Cappriccieo Scates gave a number of other industry professionals a platform to give back and share vital information, resources and contacts with the Atlanta Music Scene.

We want to congratulate Cappriccieo Scates on his recent move to a new home in the music business. He will be leaving SESAC.

Peniece M. Le Gall, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC has invited people who want to say  "thank you and farewell" to Cappriccieo to visit the Atlanta SESAC Office Thursday, April 5th, 2012. The office will be open for you to stop by between 3pm - 7pm.

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