Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Truth about Talent Shows & Open Mics

The truth about talent shows and open-mics is most artists and the local music community don’t benefit from them. The reason is a bit more complex than the music business being plagued by industry sharks taking advantage of the unknowing. The truth is talent shows and open-mics often don’t benefit the artists and the local music community because by default they are not designed to.

My goal throughout this section is to give details that will empower everyone involved in the talent showcase and open-mic experience with information that will allow these events to begin to benefit the artist and the local music community. In addition, my goal is to have artists, producers, managers, talent showcase organizers and other music business professional’s upgrade their thinking and revise how they work together during a showcase or open mic so that the live performance opportunity is beneficial for them and fans alike.

In this section I intend on accomplishing a few goals. First, you should begin to rethink the talent showcase and open-mic experience. Second, through the Q&A below I hope to share how the events may be a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone involved including music fans, performing artists, the local music community, club owners and the talent show organizers. Third, I give specific details on how precision planning and execution will help everyone involved benefit from the talent showcase and open mic experience.


llama said...

I read "Atlanta Music Showcase & Open Mics" and decided that I might as well post on the most recent topic so that you might see it sooner than if I did otherwise.

I read the post and it really made sense. [laughs] You're probably going "Duh it makes sense, sheesh." But that's okay, because now I know some things, and although I'm not really in the music business, it's nice to know some kind of backround information so that if I ever have a friend that wants to experience the open mic, I can give them advice.

JaWar said...

Thank you for the reply. Remember to subscribe to the email list for updates. I'll have more posts soon. The number of music showcases and open mics are constantly being updated.

fOLAMI said...

I had the privilege to talk with RITA GRAHAM ( about open mics, and she told me about how back in the days, a singer could walk into a club, get on the MIC, sing and get paid. You could gig at that spot and then move on to the next, and you could go from city to city doing this. She said that she made more money doing that, then what one could get working a 9 to 5 in 2007.
I agree with you Open mics are not beneficial for you these days.

You're a great man JaWAr for helping us out!

JaWar said...

Folami, I think when an artist was able to share their talents at and open mic and make a living doing it as referenced by Rita Graham there was less talent and more fans. Now anybody with a computer, mic and software think they can sing, rap or play an instrument.

I think over time technology will actually force artist to have developed talent and more people will return to being fans vs. trying to be artist.

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