Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Open Mic Atlanta

You'll be glad to know I found another resource so you can perform your music, network with fans and music business professionals alike. The site is appropriately called Open Mic Atlanta and features a number of performance opportunities for both local and traveling bands. Open Mic Atlanta looks like it caters more toward Rock, Pop, Country and Alternative Music.

There's a section on the site called Spotlight, where artist and bands can showcase their music. Atlanta Open Mic has a number of other music business related links to help your career along. As an amateur artist or professional band, remember to always play with a purpose. Have specific goals you want to accomplish, be it to gather email addresses or sell merchandise like t-shirts and hats, etc.

Promote every venue you play like it is your first and your last. Build a buzz, by inviting local media to your performance long before you schedule a show date. These things will help you maximize your Atlanta Music Showcase and Open Mic Experience.

Always verify venues, dates, times and locations to ensure any event mentioned on the Internet is still being held. This save you a lot of grief, maintain an certain level of professionalism and make you more efficient. For another list of recurring Atlanta Music Showcases and Open Mics click here.

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