Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Record Deals & The Future of the Music Business

The Future of the Music Business is now. There are a number of different applications for creating and collecting music royalties. As a live performer, singer, songwriter or musician you are in a unique position to take advance of the opportunities to make money online using your music as a focal point.

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Below is a video from Donald (Don) Pasman, entertainment lawyer and author. In the music business clip below Donald talks about the future of the music business.

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Marketing Music Online

Performing live at a music showcase, talent show or open mic is part of the process for creating a buzz or interest as an aspiring recording artist or garage band. With new and emerging technologies you can turn your music showcase, talent show and open mic experience into a situation that can make money online.

Below is a video clip on getting you started with using the Internet, so you can make money online with your music. For details on the music business click here; for details on how to make money online click here.

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