Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Atlanta Media Mogul Workshop

Atlanta Media Mogul Workshop 2012

FOR ME's Teen Media Mogul workshop
is a comprehensive and engaging program
for teens (12 - 17 yrs). Attendees will
experience creative development and
gain the business vision to attain careers
within the six most influential media outlets:
Music, Television, Film, Radio, Print and
Online Media.

Activities include interactive panels, hands
on media projects, executive guests, field
trips, and curriculum lead by major media
moguls who cover diverse fields of the

The Teen Media Mogul workshop is
designed for creative and dedicated young
adults who have a desire to learn more
about various media outlets and potential
career opportunities in the entertainment

This workshop is the first in a year-long
series of programs dedicated to creating
the next generation of innovative
entertainment professionals.

Our host location for this event is the
wonderful Wonder Root Center!
Please visit them at

Only 25 exclusive slots available Register Today!


Workshop Registration Deadline  1/10/12
Scholarship Request Deadline      1/03/12

Email for more
program information and to request
scholarship information.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Get DJs to Listen to Your Music -DJ Crazy

JAWAR: DJ Crazy, what are some of the best
ways for indie artist to professionally approach
you about listening and possibly playing their

DJ Crazy Dave McMillan:  Making post, asking
people who read any of the stream to send me
stuff they are proud of. If want me to listen to your
music ask me personally. If you send mass promo
it goes into the pile of 1000's vs the other music
I want to get to.

If you're asking me some of the best ways to get
out there in general...

Get as many free accounts on music sites as you
can. If have the money pay for SoundCloud. Make
sure you read the terms of [service] and use; you
don't want those sites owning rights to your music.

Once you have content [music] online, use Google+
and FaceBook with one's own friends to share your
music. Stuff people like will get shared without you
doing a thing (viral) for it.

Personally, I've made two Google+ accounts, one
for personal and one for public use. I still act like
a human on both. I still make a point to listen and
share other peoples work when it's good on my
public accounts. I hope others will do the same.

One thing I mean about being human on your public
feed is to use it in the same way you do with your
private feed. You'll want to censor what you say a bit 
and no drama. :-)

Youtube is your friend; personally I find a lot of music
through it. Most of the tracks I find don't have a good
music video and without a video I have less reason to
share it with friends. If your song has a video I give it all
my attention rather than being in the background while
I'm doing other stuff.

This summer I walked pass some young men handing
out their CD by donation. In the few minutes I talked
with them, they got 10 CD's out for a profit. (50cents a
press, they took in $2-$10 each).

You can take this one step farther, get some hot chicks
to go in to the clubs and hand the DJ's a CD and kiss.

Does this start to help?

JAWAR: Yes, DJ Crazy this does help. Thank you for
taking the time to share your wisdom, experience and
expertise. How may people contact you?

DJ Crazy Dave McMillan: I may be reached at

SPECIAL NOTE: This exchange was first held on
Google+. I included DJ Crazy into my music business
circle on Google+ based on Google's recommendation.

I sent DJ Crazy a message asking about how should a
artist approach a dj and he responded with this thought
out answer. I asked DJ Crazy if I could republish and he
said yes.

VALUE AND TAKE AWAY- You get more great and
useful content. DJ Crazy gets additional marketing and
promotions with a link back to his site. We get more
traffic and have you to spread this article to others in your
network! It's the music business and social media great!

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Atlanta Music Industry Mixer - Coast 2 Coast

Bigga Rankin and Needlz (Platinum Producer for Drake,
50 Cent, Bruno Mars are coming to Atlanta to hear
artist who have been grinding onstage, online and in the

Will you be at...

Coast 2 Coast in Atlanta for the 6th Coast 2 Coast Music
Industry Mixer- ATL Edition! We are bringing out the
whole industry in Atlanta for this event, you do not want to
miss being a part of it!

The night will be hosted by J Hatch from and Sista Sypher from
Voltron Productions and The Sypher 360 Show
and will include an Artist Showcase, Model
Competition, DJ Battle, Featured Performers and...

Hosted by J Hatch of

Sista Sypher of Sypher360Show & Voltron Music
by Talib Shabazz of Sypher 360 Show

Showcase Judges L.A.D. (President of Aphilliates
Music Group/Embassy Entertainment)

Bigga Rankin (VP of CTE/Cool Running DJs)

Needlz (Platinum Producer for Drake, 50 Cent, Bruno

December 12th 2011
Harlem Nights
(201 Courtland St. Atlanta)
9pm - 11pm

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Do Music or Publish an eBook

Have you seen how many companies claim ownership to one music release... it seems like it's at least 7 companies. How can they make a profit when selling a single download for .99cents. Don't forget iTunes and Uncle Sam are their partners too.

In many cases now you're talking about 9 or so entities attempting to eat off of a .99cent download... no, wonder the record business continues to be an outdated business model whose time is over.

You're better off publishing your own book and getting a 70% royalty for ebooks sold at $2.99 and above through Amazon's Kindle. For full details visit Kindle Publishing.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 Tips for Online Music Marketing and Promotions

Online marketing and promotions is both a science and an art. Below you'll find a few quick tips on how to market and promote your music and music business online.

Here are a few suggestions in no particular order. 

  1. Ensure he has a presence on the major social media sites ie Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  2. Create link wheels. 
  3. Build a list. 
  4. Engage don't send junk messages on Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  5. Get a lot of photos with him and celebrities and post them all over the internet. 
  6. Get several mixes of his music with known artists music and lyrics and give it away.
  7. Create Youtube videos for all of the mixes of his music. 
  8. Make himself available to be interviewed on as many online radio stations as possible... Big and small. 
  9. Create a number of relevant press releases on a regular basis. 
  10. Get a branding, marketing and promotions budget that he can commit to for the next 6 to 12 months be it $500 or $5,000/ month.
When you have a monthly budget and are ready to go to the next level in your online marketing and promotions you'll want to click here and leave your contact information.

Music Business Contracts
Music Business Marketing

The information above isn't legal advice. Ensure you hire a competent music attorney when needed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Atlanta Music Publishing Seminar - Publishing vs. Publicity

Learn how to tap into additional income streams from songwriting and performing. Publicity may get you noticed, but publishing will get you paid. It's time to learn how the real money is made in the music business. The Pub v Pub music publishing seminar will get you started.

You are invited to the FINAL music publishing seminar of the 2011 calendar year. The "Publishing v. Publicity" seminar will provide insider knowledge on the most significant aspects of the music business. Individuals will learn about song pitching, copyright registrations and collecting royalties on their musical works. Attendees will also have the opportunity to direct their questions face-to-face with music professional and the workshop's creator, Peniece Le Gall, who has worked for all three PRO's over the last decade. Seminar attendees will have an opportunity to submit original music for placement in television, movies and other mediums.

Where: Wooeb 1596 Lavista Rd. Atlanta, GA 30329
Saturday November 12, 2011 From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST

Click Here to register or RSVP.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Music And Entertainment Contracts

Record Label Business Plan 2.0 + Music And Entertainment Contracts!

Start Your Own Successful Music Company And Get Funding From Investors With a Professional Record Label Business Plan Template. Free Bonus Offers Included Such As The Musicians Upload Directory + a Big Music and Entertainment Business Contracts Package.

One of the keys to being a successful artists, songwriter, singer, band, musician, music producer and executive such as Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Outkast, Nickelback, Dr. Dre. Lil Wayne aka Wheeezy, Bruno Mars, Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, Justin Bieber, Drake, Florence & the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Esperanza Spalding and others is to have your paperwork in order. The Record Label Business Plan 2.0 + Music And Entertainment Contracts helps you do that. For full detail click here -ad

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Atlanta Entertainment, Film and Music Careers

Careers in Entertainment and Film!
The School of Business Administration
at Clark Atlanta University
welcomes all with an interest in learning how to prepare for jobs
in Georgia's booming film and entertainment industries to our
Get informed, get connected, get engaged!
Saturday, October 15, 2011 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM
Davage Auditorium on the Campus of CAU
Expert Panel:
Melvin Everson Executive Director Georgia Department of Economic Development
Asante Bradford, Project Manager Global Commerce GA. Dept. of Econ. Development  
John F. Christmas, Esq., Entertainment and Sports Law
Hosted by: 
 Stanley Johnson Television, Music and Film Producer and
CEO of Diamond Light Entertainment
Register Now!
(Clark Atlanta University Sports & Entertainment)
for ethical, socially responsible and profitable engagement in the industry
For further information about the event or how to register contact the School of Business at
404-880-8474 or
Register today! We look forward to seeing you on the 15th!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art of Music Management Seminar Atlanta

The Art of Music Management presented by GEA Music

A music business panel discussion and meet and greet with the top Music Industry Managers.
Sept 28, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: J3 Studios, Midtown Atlanta
1120 West Peachtree, St Atlanta, GA 30309
Parking lot next door *Marta Users exit Art Center Station Questions:

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

International Music Conference in Atlanta

The International Music Conference 2011 schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back for regular updates on scheduling information.

Wed, Sept 21, 2011
Private “WELCOME TO ATLANTA” Industry Meet & Greet Hosted by Miss Britian
Atlanta’s exclusive media and social elite are invited to join guests from overseas for a spectacular evening of networking. Meet your fellow music creators for a special networking reception hosted by Miss Britain. Limited Entry.

Location: TBA to invited guests only on the day of the event
Time: 5PM – 10PM

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Sept 22, 2011

Up and coming producers, whose tracks were pre-selected by IMC will have their music played before a panel of prominent music industry tastemakers from Europe and US. They will then provide valuable constructive criticism for the benefit of the participants and audience and help them build relationships and contacts that can assist them in getting ahead in their careers. This is a competition. One lucky producer will win the chance to work with a UK chart-topping artist.

International award winning DJs alongside America’s finest DJs will judge the first ever DJ Mix-Off competition. Up and coming DJs will have the chance to showcase their talents in front of live audience and high profile panelists who will judge their DJing style. The winner will then receive an all expense trip to Europe and play at an exclusive UK official after party, guest DJ at a top London radio station, and walk away with the IMC trophy, “Best New DJ.”

Location: Opera – 1150 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309
Time: 4:30PM – 10PM

Major Label A&R Connection

IMC Registrants receive free entry before 11:30PM. IMC Registrants will have own line to enter the vicinity – Please have your IMC Passes as proof of entry.

Location: Opera – 1150 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30309
Time: 10PM – LATE

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Up and coming artists will get the opportunity to perform live in front of an esteemed gathering of music industry executives from across the globe. The showcase is to demonstrate versatile talent with the hopes of further networking and the chance to get one step closer in securing that ever sought-after record deal. Artists will have the opp to submit demos and receive feedback from industry professionals.

Location: Primal Nightclub – 960 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Time: 6.30PM – 9PM

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IMC Registrants receive free entry before 11:30PM. IMC Registrants will have own line to enter the vicinity – Please have your IMC Passes as proof of entry.

Location: Primal Nightclub – 960 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
Time: 10PM – LATE

SEPTEMBER 24, 2011

Artmore Hotel Conference Room
1302 West Peachtree Street – Atlanta, GA 30309

Major Label A&R Connection
Music Industry Connection

9:00 AM

12:00 PM
Meet Managers and A&Rs from the UK and US who will outline what they look for in an international star. What works, what doesn’t, what’s trending, the right sound the right look and attitude, what makes you unique and overall crossover appeal. Learn from the very best in the business. Ask questions and the chance to submit demos.

1:10 PM
Engage in honest talk and receive valuable advice from chart-topping Pop songwriters and producers and industry executives in this song listening session where a limited number of songs pre-submitted by registrants will be given feedback in front of an audience.

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2:15 PM
Basic legal questions are covered here. Our panel of experts will give you an overview of how to put your legal house in order. Learn about publishing and administrative deals; discover info on licensing your music overseas, visas and distribution. You’ll also learn practical information about handling co-writes, shares and sampling, a must for any emerging artist.

3:00 PM
Marketing Your Music Overseas is Different, So How Do You Do It? (Successfully Marketing Your Music Overseas) This panel will show you how the European song market differs from that of the US and will explore the roles of European publishers, how deals differ from territory to territory the significance of IMC and how to go about breaking into global markets.

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4:00 PM
Who you should know and why. Differentiating the roles of a radio DJ and a club DJ and the importance of both, why they are important to the careers of an artist and the best ways to foster a relationship.

5:00 PM
Engage in honest talk and receive valuable advice from chart-topping hip hop songwriters and producers and industry executives in this song listening session where a limited number of songs pre-submitted by registrants will be given feedback in front of an audience.

Major Label A&R Connection

10:00 PM
IMC Registrants receive free entry before 11:30PM. IMC Registrants will have own line to enter the vicinity – Please have your IMC Passes as proof of entry.

Register for the International Music Conference

Major Record Labels Looking for Artists, Music Producers and Songwriters details at
Major Label A&R Connection

Dates, Times and Locations Subject to Change. Information provided only as a courtesy.


For the last 4 years, Al “Butter” McLean has been VP of Creative at Kobalt Music. At Kobalt, he is responsible for acquisition of songwriters administration rights and music catalogs, develop marketing strategies to exploit products, solicit client products to 3rd party ventures, and assist in song & product placement.  Al “Butter” McLean has been an executive in the music business for 14 years. Prior, companies who have benefited from his experience & talents are Island Records, Right Tyme/Warner Records, JB Music Publishing, H.O.L.A Recordings Company, Reach Global Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing & Alicia Keys/MBK Entertainment to name a few.

Major Record Label A&R 

Eight-time Grammy winning Producer and Songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox is appropriately named one of Billboard’s “Top 10 Producers of the Decade” and sits on Billboard’s “Hot R&B Song of the Decade List”, “Hot 100 Songs of the Decade List”, “Top 200 Albums of the Decade List” and is a 2009 Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee. Melodies such as Usher’s “Burn”, “Confessions” and “You Got It Bad” and Mary J. Blige’s record breaking smash “Be Without You” managed to remain securely unbothered in the number one spot.

DAVINCHEUK producer, DaVinChe began his career producing Grime tracks, he has since turned his talents onto projects across various genres. From the sophisticated soul of Shola Ama and Kele Le Roc and the chart-topping heroics of Estelle ,Tinie Tempah , Wretch 32 and Tinchy Stryder  then on to the uncompromising sounds of grime pioneers Wiley, Jammer, Skepta, Roll Deep, JME, Giggz, and Kano is one of the reasons why the self-taught studio producer and engineer was named by ‘Wire Magazine’ as a talent to watch. There is a subtext to DaVinChe making him more difficult to pin down or stereotype, he is a pianist and guitarist, who composes and arranges all styles (grime, hip hop, R&B, pop). DaVinChe has performed a classical concert for the BBC.

Major Record Label A&R 

The platinum producer originally from Philadelphia and now based in the Atlanta, GA has produced a number of songs for prominent artists such as Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Asher Roth, D Block, Big Sean, The Cool Kids and Fabolous. He has also worked alongside fellow Philadelphian DJ Drama on the popular mixtapes series Gangsta Grillz and the syndicated radio show Gangsta Grillz Radio. Cannon also produced over 5 songs on Drama’s 2007 album debut, Gangsta Grillz: The Album.

Originally from New York, DJ Trauma left the big Apple to attend college at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) in Atlanta, GA. During his tenure at CAU, DJ Trauma gained a fan base by showcasing his programming and mixing skills at college parties which shortly thereafter lead to a tour DJ appearance with Bad Boy Entertainment. On the international front, DJ Trauma was the official DJ for the 2009 Channel-O Awards after party in Johannesburg, South Africa and a special invited guest as a conference panelist, instructor and judge during the 2009 New Skool Rules in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In addition, DJ Trauma has traveled extensively and provided musical navigation for premier nightclubs in Lagos, Nigeria, London, England, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Nationwide, Trauma has been the featured DJ for annual red carpet events including MTV and BET Awards, Super Bowl, NBA All-Star, Essence Music Awards, Magic ShowLas Vegas and more. Trauma is also an accomplished producer and has worked Estelle, Interscope recording artist Verse Simmonds, hip hop duo Rock City, and new hip hop artist Billz.

Major Record Label A&R 

Hip Hop heavyweights like Busta Rhymes and Method Man describe him as “Crazy” and “a beast!” Dready is a producer who is steps ahead of the game, making an indelible impression on every project he touches! Dready made his official entry a decade ago when he started working with the British phenomenon that was So Solid Crew, known for their Number 1 smash hit single “21 Seconds”. His production for individual members of the crew such as Asher D, was instrumental in the success of their solo ventures and brought Dready achievement and increased industry respect. From his Birmingham roots in the English midlands, he now spends most of his time jet setting across the Atlantic from London to LA, New York and Miami working with everyone from Dre, Busta Rhymes, Jeezy and G-Unit to UK chart-toppers, Chipmunk, Estelle, Jay Sean and Miss Dynamite.

Award winning producer and Billboard Magazine’s #2 Producer of 2010, Drumma Boy will be a panelist at IMC. Most recognised for his infectious hit “No Hands” by Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash and Wale as well as Young Jeezy’s “Put On” and Birdman ft Drake and Lil Wayne “Money to Blow,” shows that his reputation is among the greatest for his dynamic style and professional input. Credits also include; T.I., Akon, Plies, Monica, Gucci Mane, Lil’ Jon, Rick Ross, Kanye West, and more.

Major Record Label A&R 

Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson is a music journalist who is known for his in-depth knowledge on the UK’s underground music scene. Currently serving as Editor for MTV’s urban music website, The Wrap Up, Street Music Correspondent for BBC Radio 1, Online Columnist for VIBE Magazine and GQ South Africa, among other things, this 23-year-old man is spreading the good UK music gospel, far and wide.

Award winning record producer and songwriter, J Que has spawned hits for some of the entertainment industry’s biggest international stars including; Usher, Fantasia, Ciara, Keri Hilson and Chris Brown. Most recently he wrote and co-produced Beyonce’s current smash hit record, “Best Thing I Never Had” which peaked at number 3 on the UK singles charts.

Major Record Label A&R 

One of the most long-standing and respected figures in the UK’s music industry, MOBO Award Winning Manny Norté has become known as the “Name You Can Trust.” Manny is regularly called upon by Jay Z, Beyonce and Rihanna as their DJ of choice when in the U.K, he’s played at every notable British event including album launches, The Brit Awards after parties and Naomi Campbell‘s Fashion Relief Party. Racking tours with US artist’s such as Nas and Nelly, Manny’s work has taken him to countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Geneva, Russia, Ghana, Kenya and Barcelona to name a few. Following four years as a DJ/Presenter at BBC 1xtra, Manny moved to the Kiss FM network taking control of the popular Friday night mix show slot, signaling the start of the weekend.

Marc Byers is the Co-Founder of Rockstar Entertainment. A former Atlantic Records A&R Executive, Byers ventured out into management and is mostly recognised as the driving force behind Philadelphia’s music success stories. Rockstar Entertainment has heavily influenced urban music for the past 20 years, now co-manager for actress Raven Symone, Rockstar Entertainment also represented Grammy Award winning producers Andre Harris and Vidal Davis, as well as Grammy recording artist Eve and acts as a consultant to multi-platinum selling artist, Usher.

Major Record Label A&R 

Maria More is an accomplished Radio Personality, Voiceover Talent, Model, and Entrepreneur. She has worked for stations in many U.S. markets including Florida (Blazin’ 102.3, Magic 101.3), Philadelphia (Voice of “Loveland” on 100.3 The Beat Philly), Georgia (Hot 107.9 Atlanta) and North Carolina (92 Jams Rocky Mount). Maria joined Hot 107.9 in February of 2008 and has delivered the highest Midday Arbitron Ratings in the 16 year history of the radio station. She can be heard weekdays from 10am-2pm (EST) on Hot 107.9 in Atlanta. Maria earned her B.S. in Journalism from Florida A&M University and also holds an MBA in Marketing from Florida State University.

Having composed hits for Diddy Dirty Money “Loving You No More” and Lupe Fiasco’s current hit featuring Trey Songz “Out of My Head”, Miykal Snoddy has become the secret weapon of numerous heavy-hitters in the industry.  A classically trained pianist and violinist, Miykal brings a rare level of talent to his projects that is dynamic and has been recognized by the likes of Sean Garrett, Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx. Miykal has also worked with international favourite Estelle “Do My Thing” and Jamie Foxx “Three Letter Word.” Upcoming projects include a collaboration with international superstar, Ne-Yo.

Major Record Label A&R 

The incredibly talented Rico Love, responsible for Kelly Rowland‘s dramatic transformation and huge summer smash, “Motivation” will be judging our Producer Showcase competition. Career highlights include, Diddy-Dirty Money “Hello, Good Morning,” Usher‘s “There Goes My Baby” and “Daddy’s Home,” Beyonce‘s “Sweet Dreams” as well as working with UK top 10 favourites Alexandra Burke and Natasha Beddingfield. Other collaborations include; Keri Hilson, Fergie, Sean Kingston, Nelly and Jamie Fox.

Shanti Das is an accomplished Music Industry Executive, Marketing Executive, Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Author. She is also the CEO and Founder of Press Reset Entertainment, an entertainment marketing/consulting firm. Shanti’s music industry career began as a Promotions Assistant for Capital records. Shortly afterwards, LaFace records hired her as its National Director of Promotions, where she worked closely with label founders Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Antonio “LA” Reid.  Shanti has since held titles such as Senior Director of Urban Marketing for Arista Records, Vice President of Urban Marketing at Columbiarecords, Sr. Vice President of Urban Marketing at Sony Urban Music and Executive Vice President of Urban Marketing and Artist Development at Universal Motown. Throughout her 20-year stint in the business, Shanti has worked with a plethora of artists and was influential in the careers of OutKast, TLC, Usher, Toni Braxton, Prince, Erykah Badu , Bow Wow, Amerie and international megastar, Akon.

Major Record Label A&R 

Tony Neal, the CEO of Core DJs l began DJ’ing as a hobby at the age of 15, and has been behind the tables ever since. With a passion for the craft, he has built one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the entertainment industry, The Core DJ’s Worldwide. Now in its 7th year, The Core DJs Worldwide is the premier coalition for DJs. Its membership boasts over 500 of the country’s most influential DJs as well as International DJ Talent. The primary purpose of the coalition is to empower and educate the core of the music industry–the DJ. The brand has since expanded to include the highly anticipated semi-annual Core Retreat, Core Models, Core Hotlist, and national events throughout the year.

Vidal is one half of the Multi-Grammy Award Winning songwriting and production duo Dre & Vidal who helped to define Philadelphia’s richly organic music scene. After the success of producing over half of Jill Scott’s album Words and Sounds Vol. 1 “Long Walk,” the duo went on to develop artists such as Musiq “Love,” Floetry “Say Yes,” and Glenn Lewis‘ “Don’t You Forget It” gaining critical acclaim. Hits also include Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies,” Usher Raymond’s “Caught Up” and Ciara’s “Oh.” Their discography spans from traditional R&B to jazz to hip-hop, securing over 40 million records sold worldwide!

Major Record Label A&R 

Other Panelists, Guests, Hosts include:

Bangladesh – Award winning producer (Lil Wayne, Ludacris)
Cappricieo Scates – Associate Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC
David Miller – VP International Marketing, Atlantic Records,
Dennis Byron – Hip Hop Enquirer
DJ Semtex – (UK)
Gerald Radford – Rolling Out
Jennifer Drake – Director of Rhythm and Blues, ASCAP
JR Lindsey – Head of Urban/Pop BMG Chrysalis Publishing
Mami Chula – DJ and Radio Personality – 107.5 Wild FM
Marc Byers – Music Exec/Manager – Raven Symone
Marvyn Harrison – A&R (UK)
Mr. Silk – Bang FM Radio Personality (UK)
Rob Finan – Entertainment Lawyer at Greenberg Traurig
Rodney Carmichael – Creative Loafing
Shawn Holiday – Senior VP A&R Sony Music
Steve Lucas – General Manager Upfront Megatainment (Akon, Kelly Rowland), Konlive Management Team
Teddy Riley – Award winning producer and recording artist

Register for the International Music Conference

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Atlanta Music Business- Publishing vs. Publicity: What's The Difference?

Publishing vs. Publicity: What's The Difference?

Atlanta, GA - Learn the differences between publishing and publicity at the music workshop series on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at Wooeb from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The "Publishing vs. Publicity" workshop will provide insider knowledge on the most significant aspects of the music business. Individuals will learn about song pitching, copyright registrations and collecting royalties on their musical works. Attendees will also have the opportunity to direct their questions face-to-face with music professional and the workshop's creator, Peniece Le Gall, who has worked for all three PRO's over the last decade. 

"I created this workshop to enlighten individuals who are interested in pursuing a professional career in music that there is a business side that comes along with making music and publishing is the vital aspect of longevity in the industry," says Le Gall. "It's all about being in the room with the movers and shakers that can make things happen and this workshop offers that opportunity," adds Cappriccieo Scates, Associate Director of SESAC's Writer/Publisher Relations department.

All genres of aspiring artists, songwriters, producers, musicians, consultants and executives looking to get a more solid grasp on music publishing are encouraged to attend. Leads on who's looking for songs will also be provided along with a complimentary submission code to submit two songs for consideration on applicable projects.

Registration fee is $25 per person. Attendees can register at . For payment inquiries or more information, email

Follow the event on Twitter at or become a friend on Facebook

Wooeb is located at 1596 Lavista Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329. For directions call 404.443.3224.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

ASCAP Atlanta Music Producer Showcase

iStandard Producer Showcase 

The nationally renowned iStandard Producer Showcase - Presented By Monster Energy, Ableton, & Focusrite Novation - returns to ATL - Thursday, July 14th & Friday, July 15th

Over these 2 evenings, 24 producers will showcase their tracks in front of an esteemed industry panel in the most vibrant and conducive setting on the planet! Winner will receive a prize package consisting of a brand new Novation Nocturn 25, IK Multimedia Products Valued at Over $600 - iRig Microphone / AmpliTube iRig / T-RackS 3 Deluxe, Ableton Live Intro, a 101 Distribution Pro Deal, and much more...

Judges so far for this event include Baby Paul (Platinum Producer for Nas, Fat Joe, AZ & More), Kane Beatz (Platinum Producer for Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj & More), Royal Flush (Grammy Nominated/ Platinum Producers for Outkast), Maestro (Platinum Producer for Lil Wayne, The Game, Yo Gotti & More), Homebwoi (Platinum Producer/ Writer for Ying Yang Twins, B.o.B & More), Caveman (101 Distribution Urban Music Consultant, Road manager for OJ The Juiceman), with many more to be announced...

Click here for more details

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Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Become a Worldwide Music Icon

"Beyonce's work ethic as an artist is beyond measure. Its no surprise why she is a Worldwide Music Icon. It makes me evaluate these artist who claim they want to be stars. Unfortunately most of you are fooling yourselves. You're work ethic as artist sucks to the 10th degree. You want the fame but not the work. Spending time on facebook and twitter talking about foolishness is more important than developing your talent." Londyn Bridges

Londyn is a music business executive and consultant based in Atlanta. You may contact him at  Londyn Bridges.

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