Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Get DJs to Listen to Your Music -DJ Crazy

JAWAR: DJ Crazy, what are some of the best
ways for indie artist to professionally approach
you about listening and possibly playing their

DJ Crazy Dave McMillan:  Making post, asking
people who read any of the stream to send me
stuff they are proud of. If want me to listen to your
music ask me personally. If you send mass promo
it goes into the pile of 1000's vs the other music
I want to get to.

If you're asking me some of the best ways to get
out there in general...

Get as many free accounts on music sites as you
can. If have the money pay for SoundCloud. Make
sure you read the terms of [service] and use; you
don't want those sites owning rights to your music.

Once you have content [music] online, use Google+
and FaceBook with one's own friends to share your
music. Stuff people like will get shared without you
doing a thing (viral) for it.

Personally, I've made two Google+ accounts, one
for personal and one for public use. I still act like
a human on both. I still make a point to listen and
share other peoples work when it's good on my
public accounts. I hope others will do the same.

One thing I mean about being human on your public
feed is to use it in the same way you do with your
private feed. You'll want to censor what you say a bit 
and no drama. :-)

Youtube is your friend; personally I find a lot of music
through it. Most of the tracks I find don't have a good
music video and without a video I have less reason to
share it with friends. If your song has a video I give it all
my attention rather than being in the background while
I'm doing other stuff.

This summer I walked pass some young men handing
out their CD by donation. In the few minutes I talked
with them, they got 10 CD's out for a profit. (50cents a
press, they took in $2-$10 each).

You can take this one step farther, get some hot chicks
to go in to the clubs and hand the DJ's a CD and kiss.

Does this start to help?

JAWAR: Yes, DJ Crazy this does help. Thank you for
taking the time to share your wisdom, experience and
expertise. How may people contact you?

DJ Crazy Dave McMillan: I may be reached at

SPECIAL NOTE: This exchange was first held on
Google+. I included DJ Crazy into my music business
circle on Google+ based on Google's recommendation.

I sent DJ Crazy a message asking about how should a
artist approach a dj and he responded with this thought
out answer. I asked DJ Crazy if I could republish and he
said yes.

VALUE AND TAKE AWAY- You get more great and
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