Monday, January 28, 2008

How do Talent Shows Make Money?

More often than not recording artists and garage bands pay some fee to perform in a music showcase, open mic, talent show or music conference. Seasoned, creative and business minded talent show organizers make money in a number of ways. They also realize that charging a nominal fee allows them the chance to get more people involved on a regular basis. When you get more people participating you have more people talking about your music showcase, talent show, open mic or music conference. The more people talking the better.

Other ways talent shows make money outside of charging recording artist and garage bands to perform is by...
  1. Charging a general admission to enter the talent show
  2. Selling vendor/booth space
  3. Getting paid sponsorships
  4. Selling merchandise that brands the talent show/music showcase/music conference
Remember in most instances in order for talent shows to make money they must start off by making a lot of micro-money. A lot of micro-money is getting small amounts of money from a lot of different sources. This strategy is used to get many people involved a talking about your event. Getting a lot of micro-money positions other people to benefit while having little upfront risk on their part -it's a win/win or mutually beneficial.

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