Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tila Tequila: Grinds for Fortune Video

I posting this Youtube Music Business Video of Tila Tequila, so that recording artists and garage bands can hear what it takes to rise to the creme of the crop. Tila Tequila speaks on how she spends about 24 hours a day on Myspace promoting her brand, which has lead her to become the single most popular woman on Myspace.

Keep in mind what she says about her work ethic. She created her own brand, by doing what others were not willing to do. She mentions that it's hard to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, because of her dedication to hustling online.

If you're ready to boost your music career be prepared to have a practical plan and put in the time. If you need help on learning music business terminology, getting contacts and resources download the Music Industry Connection Book Series.

While you're building your brand remember that now is the time to make money online. Do you want fortune or fame?

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