Monday, January 7, 2008

Atlanta Music Showcases 2008

Are you ready for a New Year and New Season of possibilities? Are you ready to learn to earn to use music showcases and open mics to boost your music business and advance your music career? Do you know what to do before, during and after attending a music showcase, live performance or open mic to maximize your chances for long-term success? The Truth about Record Pools and Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Book can help you fully benefit from your music showcase, live performance and open mic experience.

Most recording artist and garage bands reading this are independent and will remain that way. With that being said, as a performer you should work on building your brand and fan base. You should have something to sell -without something to sell how will you make money? More than likely your music is only the carrot to get people to your performance. Work on selling merchandise -independent Alternative and Rock Bands do this very well. R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel Artist would be wise to study how Alternative and Rock Bands make a living selling merchandise on the road.

Turn your music showcase and open mic performance into a total event, giving fans an experience they will never forget. After your set they will support you because they want to remember the event and cherish the experience. Ahhhhhh, I still remember seeing the Jackson 5, LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick, X Clan, Ice Cube, Freestyle Fellowship, Sade, 2Pac and many others perform over the years. It was the event; the experience that the performers create that made those moments special. As a professional performing artist you must provide that type of event, so your fans remember you and your music. This is what it's all about.

If you attend a music conference this year and you should. Do yourself a favor; attend as many of the music business panels, workshops and seminars as possible. What you learn and who you meet during the music conference panels may be just what you need to boost your music business and push you to the next level.

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