Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music Industry Pimping

Industry Pimping offers a compelling read into who is pimping who in the music business. After reading Industry Pimping one learns that if you ever performed at a music showcase, attended a music conference, paid a music publicist or paid for radio promotions in hopes of commercial radio airplay you probably got pimped which means you were treated like a (***).

Hold on now, don't be mad at me I'm just sharing what I found on Industry Pimping. It would seem to me that you would want to find out how you were/are being pimped in the music business. Visit Industry Pimping to find out how bad and how long you've been getting pimped in the industry.

Once you know how you getting pimped then you can stop the pimping and move on with the wholesome growth and development of your music business and career.

Atlanta Music Showcase

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