Sunday, June 8, 2008

Has Jermaine Dupri Lost His Mind?

Are you aware that if you're reading this music business blog then you love controversy? Are you aware that in a sea of media blitz you have to get your message to your target audience some how, some way. Are you aware that you may need to hire (pay) a company or someone to consult/coach you on music marketing, branding and promotions to ensure you get the exposure you deserve?

If you're still reading than I've done something right will see if Jermaine Dupri has lost his mind in a moment.

Your familiar with Jermaine Dupri the multi-platinum music producer, songwriter and music business executive, but are you familiar with one of the top djs and radio personalities in the country -Greg Street? Did you know that Greg is responsible for bringing a number of hit records to J.D.? Did you know that Greg is responsible for helping break many big southern records? Did you know Greg is one of the people that can green light a hit record in the streets? Did you know that Greg Street is the silent weapon to the Hittmen DJs -one of the most influential dj organizations in the U.S.? Did you know that the Hittmen DJs is not a record pool? Did you know that if you're a music producer, songwriter, recording artist or music manager and Greg sees your potential he can walk you in the door to help you get a placement? Did you know that Greg Street has non-profit foundation where he gives back to the youth in his community?

Did you know you may meet Greg Street -V-103, DJ Holiday, DJ Drama, TJ -TJsDJs, JaWar, DJ Khaled, Wend Day -Rap Coalition, Jason Geter -CEO Grand Hustle, Chaka Zulu -CEO DTP, Devyne Stephens -Upfront/Convict, Mr ColliPark- CEO Colli Park Music, Johnnie Cabbell- Manager Shawty Lo, Fabo, Crime Mob, P. Brown -CEO Streettalk Marketing at the ATL Record Pool Hip Hop/R&B Music Conference June 26-28, 2008?

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Now let's see if Jermaine Dupri has lost his mind and what Greg Street has to say about it. Remember Greg will be at the ATL Record Pool Music Conference June 2008. Music Business Videos


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The Honey Chile Files said...

When will these industry exec's, managers, artists and their followers start realizing that the DJ is the motor behind this industry? The way that DJ's have united through these DJ crews is about to be a problem for everybody! They are the A&R's for your records, not these inexperienced , fly-by-night chumps claiming to break artist and run labels. Get with the program folks! It's a new day!!!

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