Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ATL Record Pool Music Conference

The ATL Record Pool seems to have sprouted out of no where but with the 2008 First Qtr, which boasted over 1,500 attendees and some of the biggest producers and djs in the business it has quickly become one of the most anticipated music industry events in Atlanta.

Creating a venue that djs of all affiliations -radio, mix tape, club, different dj cliques, and more; can come together to hear and review the new music of hot new independents as well as seasoned major recording artist. Hosted by such powerful music industry individuals in the past like Dj Drama, the Aphilliates, Oomp Camp’s Southern Style Djs, V103’s Greg Street and more.

The Atl Record Pool has become a mecca of sort, for on the rise promoters, marketing companies, independent record labels and artist, to attend and begin to establish the key relationships and networking that is so crucial to success in this ever changing industry.

Occurring 3 times a year (winter, summer, fall) with the summer session, being a 3 day music conference in June, we have succeeded in bringing the djs of Atlanta, surrounding areas, states, and beyond together for one common goal... to see the who’s who of the “Who’s up Next” crew. Because of the relationships built by Co-Ceo P. Brown, owner and operator of the wide spread Atlanta Publication Streettalk Newspaper & Streettalk Marketing and now paired with the major up and coming grind of Co-Owner Dj Holiday, the Atl Record Pool Music Conference is quickly becoming the absolutely no miss event for not only independent grinders in addition to well known music industry tastemakers, such as Mr. ColliPark, Hit Record Breaker Dj Greg Street, The Aphilliates, Rap Coalition’s Wendy Day, Ray Hamilton -President of Legion of Doom, Dj Jelly of OOMP CAMP, Kaspa -President of Hittmenn Djs and DJ Toomp along with many other major record labels including ColliPark Music, Grand Hustle, CTE, Shonuff, Atlantic, BME, Universal, Capital & more!


If you have any questions concerning sponsorship packages, please call Renee Miller or P. Brown of Streettalk Marketing at 404-474-2804 or email your questions to STREETTALK404@AOL.COM.
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