Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DJ Wants Your Soul


DJ seeking drops and mp3's from Soul, R&B and maybe conscious Hip Hop/Rap Artist.

The message below is from DJ Young Venom who I found on Soul Commune. I thought this may be of interest to some of our readers and wanted to share this with you. Because a number of people visit the site it's safe to assume that DJ Young Venom is seeking Soul, R&B and maybe conscious Hip Hop/Rap Artist.

Ok here is the deal I have reached the point of my dj career where I am getting a high demand for my mixes and its weird because I have done only 2 mixes thus far. And since im trying to mainly promote the artist why not have them do all the talking. So before I start this Soul series I have be procrastinating on since forever I need drops and mp3s NOT wmas from every artist that wants to be heard. Send drops and mp3s to

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Always fact find and double check all information. This is the Internet and you should always know who you are doing business with by checking references and Googling people among other things. Enjoy, have fun and make money.

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