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Grammy Producer and Motivational Speaker


Hakim Ast
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Grammy Winning Multi-Platinum Music Producer & Motivational Speaker Nominated for Same Music Award

Atlanta, GA (Sept. 2, 2008) --For several years Janiro Hawkins II, Founder of the SEA’s (Southern Entertainment Awards) and staff have organized one of the most prestigious award shows and music conference throughout the southeast region of the United States.

Previous nominees and winners of the Southern Entertainment Awards include some of the most respected and accomplished djs, music publicists, music magazines, recording artist, music producers, models and industry power players. One of the things that make the Southern Entertainment Awards such a well respected brand and event is nominees and winners are chosen by their peers in the industry and the public at large by voting online at southernentawards.com/ballot/vote.html Additionally, the music conference component is free, giving anyone who truly wants to learn about the business of music the opportunity to do so with little obstacles.

Among the categories for this year’s Southern Entertainment Awards is the Industry Power Player Award.

JaWar, Motivational Speaker, Author and Business Consultant is honored to have been nominated for the coveted Industry Power Player Award along with DJ Toomp, Grammy Winning Multi-platinum Music Producer and others, but says “being nominated is merely a continuation of the burning desire, practical written plan and daily execution of that plan that others are beginning to recognize.” Additionally, JaWar states “this isn’t even about him, but about those who give the business 110%, it’s about those who’ve sacrificed, it’s about those who constantly get overlooked and underpaid what there worth, it’s about the people who’ve been to a Music Therapy 101 Music Conference, read a Music Industry Connection Book or experienced JaWar giving a motivational seminar during a music conference.” “This nomination is about you” JaWar states.

Because his nomination isn’t merely about him as much as it is about you, JaWar is asking for your vote to successfully win the coveted Southern Entertainment Industry Power Player Award by visiting southernentawards.com/ballot/vote.html

Finally, JaWar states he’s “running for the Southern Entertainment Power Player of the Year Award and he approves this message.”


JaWar, Motivational Speaker, Author and Business Consultant speaks and consults on personal achievement, Internet marketing, monetizing (making money online) your Internet presence, SEO (search engine optimization), book publishing and the music business. He’s authored and published over 20+ paperback, audio and ebooks including the Music Industry Connection Book Series, while maintaining over 60+ websites, blogs and social networking profiles. He has spoken and appeared in over 50+ conferences, seminars, workshops, radio shows and publications. JaWar believes you may will your destiny into existence when you THINK, PLAN AND EXECUTE.


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