Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Music Business Book Inspired Me

The following is a testimony from Tha Sticman, who bought my first book sold in Alabama a number of years ago.

…A couple years back Ali Shabazz [Bama Hip Hop] was having a music industry event in Anniston, AL and my crew and I came down, I bought one of your books, the Atlanta Music Industry Connection. You autographed it "To My Man CJ Tha Sticman, My First Book Sold in Alabama."

Later on I bumped into you a few more times and I got the updated version and the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection. I got that one from you last year at the Ozone Music Conference. I said next time I see you I’m going to have something to tell you bro. I didn’t get to really chop it up with you when you came to the Come Claim The Mic Music Conference in Birmingham.

…I was reading in the L.A.M.I.C. Edition of your book series about the mp3s, how artists can grow and get paper from digital sales. …Basically [I] took that and applied it to what I do as a dj and I use it to break records. This is partially what caused the revival of the paid in full mix show. As you saw on the site it was originally done on college radio and grew rapidly but was shut down due to micro-management by the university and their staff.

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