Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Music Business - Underground

Do not to get caught in the world of "the underground." Secretly, I think most people want their craft appreciated by the most amount of people possible. After all if you could have a choice of 1,000 people downloading your music and 1,000 people paying to see you perform vs. 1,000,000 people downloading your music and 1,000,000 people seeing you perform while on tour which would you choose? More than likely the latter (1,000,000+).

The goal is to make the best music you can make, have a burning desire, practical written plan and back that plan with daily execution. Brand, market, promote and publicize your craft to your target client (fan/consumer) in an effort to get them to be a part of your movement. Invest the least amount of money without sacrificing quality or integrity and maximize profits without compromising your personal interest or harming others. Find as many ways as possible to make money online and off. "Think globally and act locally" -Chuck D.

You'll learn how to stabilize your own music business even while others are scrambling and trying to figure it out. Truth be told most people don't make the bulk of their money from the music business. It typically comes from other business ventures. The music industry is a sexy business that gives many people the platform to create other situations, but make no mistake about it. The music industry is a business and should be treated as such to ensure long-term success.

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