Monday, June 27, 2011

Atlanta Hip Hop Community

Below is a part of a letter sent to the Atlanta Hip Hop Community. 

...A few moths ago some members of the Atlanta Hip Hop community began meeting with the GOAL of figuring HOW each of us can use our talents and gifts to PROSPER individually and collectively. Some of you may have attended or heard about those meetings. After several very productive meetings, we decided to form the Atlanta Hip Hop Involvement Collective(AHHIC), as the VEHICLE that would allow members of the Atlanta Hip Hop Community to GROW creatively, economically, politically, culturally, etc.

The last meeting was about three months; since then there have been several factors that have kept us from meeting again, however, NOW is the time to get RE-FOCUSED, let other community members know about what we're doing and continue to BUILD our community! THIS SUNDAY July 3, 2011, 3pm - 5pm at the Auburn Ave Research Library there will be an EMERGENCY Meeting to discuss HOW we can move this POWERFUL Atlanta Hip Hop community FORWARD! We hope to see YOU at this HISTORIC meeting and SPREAD THE WORD to your folks too! "Now IS the time and WE are the people", Word!    

Minister Server - The Hiphop Life Coach
Temple Of Hiphop,
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc.,
Universal Zulu Nation,

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