Friday, December 24, 2010

Atlanta Underground Music Award Show

The 2011 Music Awards were created to acknowledge and honor the achievements and contributions of unsigned and independent artists within the music scene. The show honored those artists and producers who have made a significant impact over the past year and have contributed specifically to the development of the Independent Underground Music Arena.

We chose this type of event because there are several hundred Atlanta Hip-Hop Artists in the surrounding Georgia area that don’t get the respect that they deserve. The Underground Music Awards will combine the elements of an Awards Show and an entertainment showcase into one lively event.

The nominee does not reflect on sales or mainstream success of these artists. Artists will be evaluated on a 25-point scale based on: originality, longevity, lyricism, social impact, flavor, battle skills, consistency, charisma, poetic value, substance, versatility, vocal presence, live performance, flow and delivery, among other factors.

For details on this event visit The Atlanta Underground Music Award Show.

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