Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music Business - File Sharing

The legal (music business affairs) and marketing (music promotions, publicity and advertising) departments may always be at odds on bootleggers and illegal file sharing at major media and record companies.

At the end of the day the bootleggers and illegal file-sharers help to test the market for new music. In many cases they may help to explore new revenue streams for older music. Had it not been for rap music sampling in the older days it's safe to say that many of the older artists, songwriters, music producers and publishers catalog would not have increased in value the way that it did. In addition, the artist were able to tap two or three new generations of music fans.

Yes, illegal file sharing is bad on one hand, but consider the marketing and promotions that one gets on the other. One may fight against the consumer all they want or one may seek to benefit from them.

It's been said if you're not doing anything (making noise) no one would have anything to say. I wouldn't want people to illegally download the Music Industry Connection Ebooks. However, if they did it may be noting that the book may be read by someone who was interested in paying me to speak or purchase large quantities of books to be given away to other people. The absolute answer is that all sides, creative people, business entities making financial investments and music fans benefit from the relationship.

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