Friday, January 7, 2011

Staying in Touch with Fans

Staying in touch with fans is extremely important to an artist's long-term success. A well designed website and email list are great ways to stay in contact with new and existing fans. An artist's website should be used to inform fans of tour dates (i.e. live performances), autograph signings, release dates, merchandise for sale and t.v. and radio appearances. To ensure that this information is easily accessible you may want to put live performances, autograph signings and radio appearances on one page. In addition, this will make it easier for your supporters to support you at various venues.

Your supporters should come to know your website as the one stop shop for regularly updated details about your appearances and performances. For example, at the top of a page you may list dates, locations and event type in a row. Then you may create columns under each category (i.e. dates, locations and events) to list your scheduled events. In addition to being able to give people information about upcoming performances and CD release dates on your well designed website, you may also use your internet presence to increase your mailing list by allowing people to join your email list through your website.

To encourage people to join your mailing list, offer them something of value. This could be everything from a monthly ezine like The MIC (Music Industry Connection) to a discount on your CD or merchandise. The easier it is for people to subscribe to your email list the greater the likelihood that they will do it. For instance, allowing people to subscribe to your list on every page of your website is advantageous. In addition, to allowing people to subscribe to your email list via your website, you can also create a sign-up sheet to grow your database. The sign-up sheet should be taken with you wherever you go, as it will help create "windows of opportunity" to advance your career. For instance, take it with you at your live performances, autograph signings, talent showcases and music seminars like Music Therapy 101, etc. It's simple to use; you simply ask people if they would like to join your email list. This is an exciting way of growing your list because it gives you an opportunity to interact with new and existing fans.

Of course, you can always use this to initiate a conversation with some very attractive people. For instance, lets say you have just completed one of your best performances and the audience was feeling you (this is a great time to network, network, network) you are in a great position to introduce yourself to that attractive person. You can initiate the conversation by asking the person how they enjoyed your performance. Then you could proceed to asking them if they would like to join your email list to receive periodic updates on your future performances. It has been my experience that people are very receptive to this approach and many times are eager to be kept abreast of one's live performances, especially if one's performance was extraordinary! No matter how many CDs you sell or how many performances you do, it is always the support of fans that help you maintain long-term success. Remember a well designed website and email list are great ways to stay in contact with new and existing fans.

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