Friday, January 7, 2011

Music Contracts

You'll want to consult with a competent music business attorney before signing or negotiating any contracts. You may find a competent entertainment attorney in the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebook.

At $150-$350 per hour many people simply can't afford to hire a music industry lawyer to draft and/or negotiate a contract on their behalf. The next best thing is having the ability to look over sample music contracts, so you aren't intimidated by them.

You've probably heard the sad stories of how recording artists, singers, songwriters, producers and musicians have been ripped off because they didn't hire a music attorney to consult or didn't have the right music contracts in place. 

Here's your opportunity to get the music contracts you need to ensure you properly protect yourself and your music. In fact, you'll want to register all your songs and music with the U.S. Library of Congress. This will give you the most amount of protection should someone steal your original songs or lyrics.

Your music business when set up properly may help you earn for the rest of your life +75 years after you've passed on. Those royalties may be left for your children and their children to benefit from. Ensure you protect yourself by getting music contracts today.

After you've downloaded your music contracts remember to continue to "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™

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