Friday, February 11, 2011

Music Business - Get Put On!

The most famous question asked by creative talent in the music business is how do I get put on?

In a so-called perfect world your music would be based on the merit of the music itself and that alone would open the door for you. However, we are not in such a perfect world and the reality is that this is a business like any other.

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People have invested time, energy, money and resources building relationships over the years. They are comfortable working with a certain group of people who have been through the trenches as they have. Peers have earned the respect of one another, as such they will continue to do business with each other.

By this time you have experienced that the music business is more than great music, it's about networking with a number of the right people and knowing what to say and how to say it. If you don't have such a mouth piece, perhaps it's time to fine someone who does and pay them for their time and consultation.

Additionally, as you have mentioned people our buying name brand music production. The lesson to be learned here is to build your brand by effectively by marketing, promoting, publicizing and/or otherwise advertising your company.

The time is now to turn your frustration into a carefully crafted plan of action -"THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!" 

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