Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Business - Politics

Mixing music with politics now you're talking "DANGER!" Learn as much as you can about the music business. Always have signed music business contracts and seek the advice of a music attorney.

Music business politics is fueled by money. You follow the money and you'll know the politics. Isn't that simple?

It's all about connecting with the people. When you connect with people you get more attention more importantly you create sustainable music - that's why early rap music still rocks, because it spoke to the needs of the people. Fuel and food prices continue to rise hirer than the rate of inflation and the masses are feeling the money crunch. Learn to make money online. Write songs about real issues of today and greater visions of tomorrow. You'll find your music has staying power and the potential to become a classic when you do.

I've heard that you have to dumb people down. Don't believe the hype, instead of dumbing people down you may uplift them. Isn't that simple? Yes, it is! 

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