Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hip Hop Week Appreciation 2011

The Temple of Hip Hop is proud to announce the 14th Hip Hop Appreciation Week (HHAW) will be celebrated May 15-22, 2011; our theme for this year is RESPECT! The goal of HHAW is to de-criminalize the images of Hip Hop culture that are presented to the world by the mainstream media. During HHAW, Hiphoppas should amplify the good work they’re doing in their community through Hip Hop Kulture.

During HHAW Hiphoppas are encouraged to RESPECT yourself, your family, friends, community and your purpose in Hiphop Kulture. It’s not an accident that word RESPECT is mentioned several times in the Hiphop Declaration of Peace, it’s truly important to us!  There is so much mis-information about Hip Hop, right now it’s important that Hiphoppas RESPECT what Hiphop Kulture is; the contributions we have made to the world so far, the influence we currently have and the potential of how we can positively affect the world through Hiphop Kulture, if we don’t RESPECT ourselves the rest of the world will never RESPECT us!

When Hiphoppas are truly serious about taking Hiphop Kulture to the next level; we will RESPECT what each Hiphoppa brings to the culture and assist each other in our endeavors so that we will prosper together. We should RESPECT the fact that the world has never experienced an international phenomenon like Hiphop Kulture; according to the United Nations, everywhere on the planet where there are people, Hip Hop is being expressed in some aspect! That’s something that every Hiphoppa should RESPECT, share with others and build on that foundation. 

As Hiphoppas, we should RESPECT that each of us are unique, unrepeatable expressions of God; therefore it’s in our nature to be creative in every aspect of our lives not just entertainment, remember, ‘rap is something we do, Hiphop is something we live,” Word! 

Minister Server’s 7 Suggestions for HHAW 2011
  1. Respect what Hip Hop culture really means to you; how it positively affects your life and how you can contribute to its development, growth and preservation.
  2. Learn about and Respect the pioneers that laid the foundation for Hiphop Kulture to become international the force that it is. They made many sacrifices for us, if we don’t RESPECT them, who will?!
  3. Respect Hip Hop organizations and Hiphop leaders that are doing positive work for our local, national and international Hip Hop communities. Get involved with an organization that allows you to use your gifts and talents, share those blessings with your community.
  4. Acknowledge and Respect May 16th 2001, as “Hip Hop Independence Day”; this is the day that the Hiphop Declaration of Peace  was presented to the United Nations to establish Hiphop Kulture as an “international culture of peace and prosperity.”
  5. Have Respect for the “Gospel of Hip Hop,” the HDOP and other information that give an authentic perspective of Hip Hop culture beyond entertainment. It’s vital that we study, share and teach this information to our Youth.
  6. Demand that your local media outlets understand and Respect the diversity of Hip Hop music; they can use HHAW as a time to help de-criminalize the image of Hip Hop and highlight the contributions of Hip Hop pioneers.
  7. Respect the diversity of Hiphop Kulture as you plan HHAW events; include input from parents, youth, educators, spiritual leaders, politicians, business and community members. 
These are just a few suggestions; use YOUR creativity, let’s use HHAW 2011 to teach about Hiphop Kulture and the many positive contributions we have made for positive social change in our communities around the world. This will empower Hiphoppas to RESPECT ourselves and rise above the negative stereotypes that mainstream media continue to attempt to place on our people, our ways of expression and our culture. Have a positive, progressive and productive HHAW 2011, Nuff Respect to ALL Hipphoppas, Word!

Minister Server - The Hiphop Life Coach 
Temple Of Hiphop, 
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc
Universal Zulu Nation

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