Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Business - A&R

In the days of old, A&R's where charged with developing star talent to a point that the talent had much better odds of having a long, healthy music career. Dionne Ross hasn't put out a record in who knows how long, but we still know her, know her hits and hold her in a certain position as a musical icon. She was developed to that, it was no overnight success. Because of how she and many others where groomed she can still go on tour and eat, her music still get played and she may do things because she was developed in the same way a president is groomed to have a certain style and grace about themselves.

The other side of the coin is as I stated earlier the music industry has changed forever. In this regard it isn't merely about great music it's about having a brand and tight business model. Artist of the day have to develop themselves in house and the reality is most folks aren't cut out to do it. The other factor are many people who wonder why they aren't on yet haven't realized that perhaps their music isn't as great as they thought and/or they haven't found their market yet.:-(

Often people are standing in their "acres of diamonds" and don't even know it. Keep your eyes and ears open for the many possibilities in life. You never know how your experience in the music industry may lead to other areas of success throughout your journey.

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