Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music Business - Self Promotion

In the music business you have to be a serious about self-promotion, especially when first starting out, after all it's your music career and your life. The music business has more than enough aspiring recording and performing artists, singers, songwriters, music producers, composers and business people. In order to rise to the occasion you must be proactive in self-promotion or you'll quickly get overlooked. 

Continue to expand your creative imagination and you'll find your "acres of diamonds" were you are. With that being said you may want to attend independent film festivals and conferences as a way to meet and greet rising film makers. It may be a bit easier to get your music placed in a number of indie films vs. major film releases. You never know which one of those films will become a blockbuster success. Some of the major music conferences such as SXSW have a film component tied into it. Another option is to approach indie film makers on myspace. They have an entire section the same way artists and comedians do.

Any creative person should have outside management based on their own experience, their knowledge of business and their ability to multi-task.

As a songwriter you are your own music publisher. Typically, it may be best for you to hold out signing to a larger music publishing company until you get the type of offer you desire. However, remember to join either ASCAP, BMI or SESAC as a songwriter and music publisher.

No, matter what company you work with self-promotion should be part of your consistent plan. No, one will promote you better than you.

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