Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music Business - Getting Started

I was asked about how I got started public speaking, working in the music business and who've I helped over the years. The information about the music business below is very candid. Prayefully, there's something that will help you achieve your greatest level of success.

When did I start?

If I recall correctly I was first asked to speak at a high school in L.A. in 1992.

There are a number of stories and testimonies of how the information has helped people. I will refer people to the Music Industry Connection Site, as a number of testimonies are integrated within the site. I will also suggest that people visit there you'll here a personal testimony of how DeAngelo Muhammad has made over $10,000 by using the information in the Atlanta Music Industry Connection Book. Some of the books I suggest reading include the Art of War, the Mis-education of the Negro, Rich Dad Poor Dad, the Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich, the Secret, Stolen Legacy and Music Powers should get you started.

Go getters and high achievers.

Interestingly enough the go getters and high achievers are positive thinkers -by default I have fashioned that they are the same, but I suppose they are not, as a dictator may be a go getter and high achiever, but not necessarily a positive thinker.

How has it been?

Oh, I am reminded that as in life business in general and the music business in particular runs in cycles. The goal is to have enough revenue streams to cushion you when one part of your business is going through a reconstruction or market corrections of sorts. lol Anyone who says it's not about the money has not had a empty belly in a long while. It shouldn't be purely about the money in my human opinion, but to say that no part of the business is not about the money is to say that this is merely a hobby and that it is not. Even if it were merely a hobby someone is making money -maybe not just you.

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