Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music Business

QUESTION - "I often find myself wondering where are the success stories of true internet hustling?"

JAWAR RESPONSE -You'd need to define what a success story is to truly answer that question. However, I think anyone who is beginning to brand their business and themselves is seeing the beginning of a success story. Additionally, anyone who has generated at least one dollar or equivalent or higher in other currencies is a success story in the making. Last, someone who THINKS, PLANS, EXECUTES their goals and objectives and is seeing fruit from their work ethic is a success.

QUESTION - Where is the true opinions from the people in the industry. Half the time I dont think most of us even listen to each others music. If you look at everyones comments they are damn near the same... always ending in "Check out my Music".

JAWAR RESPONSE -While the people in the music industry opinions matter, it is the music supporter that matters most, because the music supporters are the one's that pay for music, shows, t-shirts, etc. If the music supporter enjoys your music and is willing to support your efforts by spending money with you then you have confirmation that you are on to a sound that may be marketable. Perhaps one's conversation should be more engaging than "check out my music." I think it actually takes more work to find people that support music than it does to find emerging and seasoned music industry professionals alike online.

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