Friday, February 18, 2011

Music Business -Are A&R Afraid

The record business has changed forever. There's nothing wrong with the A&R's they're just as afraid to loose their jobs as anyone else. A&R's have had to adapt to the climate change in the music industry, just as everyone else. It's not merely about good music if it were you could stand on the corner and sing or rap your heart away and ask people to through money in the hat.

Within the current record label model A&R's within the urban music community have to seek what's hot. As an artist, music producer, singer, etc. it's your job to ensure that you have created the proper buzz. If one doesn't know how to do that it's time to learn and/or hire someone to do it for you. There's no one particular group to blame at this point.

Not to long ago I was working with a talented artist who had a really good package and money behind the project. Unfortunately, the project has been stalled due primarily because the artist didn't overstand the music business and wanted everything right now. It's a shame.

If you still think the business is about good music alone and that this will get you to the next level click the banner below, pay your money and have direct access to major label A&R's that will listen to your music over the phone or via the computer/Internet. If they like what they hear they may sign you (you being whoever is reading this lol). Someone asked me why does this service cost money? That's simple because most people reading this don't have the relationship with major label A&R's, so there's a service fee.

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