Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Business - Work for Free

Below are my comments responding to people talking about how they wouldn't work for Diddy for free. Many people work in the music business for free to get their foot in the door. Many of you are working for free now and think you're in the music business. 

It's interesting how many responses are talking about how they wouldn't work for Diddy for free, yet Diddy and many others have worked in the music industry for free in order to learn the music business from the ground up, to build solid relationships and network with the top brass. Additionally, Diddy has a solid track record of several hits under his belt. He must have done something correct as this entire forum is dedicated to him and his brand of business.

It's always easier to criticize and critique when you haven't walked in that persons shoes. I invite everyone to achieve certain levels of success in their craft, profession and business and get others talking about you. At this point you would have made such an impact their your brand will be marketed even when you didn't invest or spend a dime. For more industry commentary, links, videos, resourcesebooks

Remember to get your music contracts and music business plan asap. This way you don't have to always work for free!

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